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  • Signing a title report (received from the solicitor of the property) with any fine print and specific government reservations is unadvisable. Accept clearance reports that are lucid and specific. For instance, if you are interested in buying property that has been built over reclaimed land, make sure that building has been given clearance by the government. Precautionary measures will prevent you from getting embroiled in any future disputes. They will also help ensure that your home loans aren’t scrutinized. Permissions & Approvals.

    Before a construction begins; the builder must seek several permissions and approvals from relevant bodies. Without these clearances, the construction may come under litigation. Here is a list of documents and approvals that the builder must possess for all building work to commence Mumbai & Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Region.

    ULC order (in specific cases).

    IOD and CC of the project.

    MCGM / KDMC approved plans.

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